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Candice's Personal Training

Helping you to get physically and mentally stronger through strength training 💜
Love your body, feel confident and live a healthy lifestyle from now on x

  • Qualified Level 3 personal trainer for both adults and children.

  • Level 1 British Powerlifting coach for Colchester Powerlifting club and Power kids.

  • In person and online coaching available.

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About me

My name is Candice Westaway (Fda Hons), I'm a personal trainer based in the area of Colchester, Essex and I have been working in the fitness industry for around 20 years.

For the last 6 years I have been competing locally and nationally in powerlifting competitions. I coach at Colchester Powerlifting club where I offer personalised coaching for both new and experienced lifters to progress their lifting career. I also run Power kids which teaches 8 to 14 year olds how to powerlift and strength train in a gym correctly and safely.

I also have a good background with rehab work and knowledge for adding in to training programs after suffering a major accident to my left hand and arm, which has required me to do physiotherapy and strengthening work for over 2 years now.

During this time I have also developed a strong passion for Yoga as a way to stay active and flexible after my operations and while progressing my lifts, which I now practice regularly.

I am generally an active person and also enjoy kayaking among other activities, so whatever your fitness related goals are I am sure I can help you achieve it. 

Please contact me for more information regards your needs and requirement,

Candice x

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Together we will create a better you!

What my clients are saying;

  • I can highly recommend Candice. In January I won some free PT sessions and have been working with Candice at my home with fun, personalised and easy to follow workouts. Although I am not a "fitness person" and hate the gym, I have found Candice easy to work and been really pleased with my results!      * Clare Wild

  • An excellent personal trainer that I would recommend to anyone.     * Stuart Hamilton

  • Favourite day of the week... Training with the best coach ever.
    Today we're training the body and mind! I cannot recommend her enough... for strengthening your body and mind.     * Nicole Wallace

Achieve Your Goals with Personal Training Sessions, Nutritional advice and One 2 One coaching.

Allow me to create a personalised training programme, give you nutritional and dietary advice and work with you in the gym or your own home to achieve your goals.
I will included body weight, free weight and either resistant machine or banded exercises to increase your strength and muscle tone. Your programme will include CV work using HITT, interval and endurance training styles to encourage fat loss with Yoga based cool downs and yoga style stretches to improve your overall flexibility.
I am also able to provide one to one powerlifting coaching and technically advice for anyone looking to start competitive lifting, who is struggling to increase their overall total, who wants to improve their techniques or is recovering from injuries that requires more hands on help.

Achieve Your Goals by following my YouTube workouts and a Personalised Training Programme.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my online workouts, tips and advice, along with following a personalised training plan designed by myself and tailed to you needs, wants and abilities. Using a combination of body weight, free weights and resistant machines exercises in your local gym or using resistant bands in the comfort of your own home to achieve your health, strength, flexibility and fitness goals.

Let me help you to improve your strength and flexibility through Yoga workouts on my YouTube channel. Loss weight and tone up by following workout and HITT videos or improve your strength and techniques by following my powerlifting tutorials.

Are you ready to get started? Then contact me today and make that first step to a better you!

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Classes and Clubs

What’s Happening and when?


Power Kids

  • Every Friday during school term time at 4.30pm I run an hour class for 8 to 14 year olds to learn how to powerlift and train in the gym safely.

  • Get in contact for the current term dates and more details.

Be adviced that due to Covid-19 this club is no longer running (I will post an update when I can restart)

  • Every Thursday evening between 6.30-8.30pm I am available for coaching help and advice at Colchester Powerlifting club which is based at Hamilton's Fitness Centre. I am able to help with technique work, injury prevention and programming for powerlifting once you are a club member.

  • Contact me for further details.

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Colchester, Essex, UK


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